2008 – Gerhard Hübner

Gerhard Hübner

In 1971, Gerhard Hübner co founded Efratom Elektronik-GmbH in Munich. Together with his businessGerhard Hübner   partner, he developed and patented the technology that led to the development of the first Rubidium oscillator (FRK), small enough to use in both ground and airborne equipment.  In 1972, they delivered the first miniature atomic clock for space satellites to provide the concept of the GPS system.  This first atomic oscillator launched into space was built for the Naval Research Laboratory’s NTS-1 satellite.  Without their innovative work the GPS system would not have been established 30 years ago!

Throughout his career, Gerhard has been involved in designing Rb atomic clocks, long wave and GPS controlled time and frequency systems. Today, hundreds of thousands of rubidium oscillators are deployed to synchronise every kind of telecommunication network.

Before his retirement at the end of 2006, Gerhard was in charge of Efratom GmbH, Datum GmbH and Symmetricom GmbH in Munich.

Gerhard was awarded with an Armillary Sphere.